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Even if you’re below deck and out of sight of your autopilot SmartController remote control gives you basic, onboard wireless control of any Raymarine SeaTalk autopilot. It is nothing but a Wireless SeaTalk autopilot and instrument remote control unit. With the powerful SmartController wireless handheld remote It Takes the control of your Raymarine SeaTalk® network. Easy operation and intuitive menu structure for easy custom boat accessories to all features.   To steer or monitor vital instrument and navigation data set a new course in the palm of your hand. SmartController is lightweight and compact for easy handling which is Big on features, the waterproof. Wireless operation means freedom to monitor vital information when you’re on deck or out of site of your instruments. Offer straightforward operation with access to up to eight user defined data pages is the bright backlit display and ergonomic keypad. Up to two weeks of operation on a single charge The SmartController features a rechargeable battery that provides more durability. The convenient mounting cradle simply connects to any SeaTalk® network and automatically recharges the batteries from the SeaTalk® network power supply.  Lightweight and compact for easy handling, the SmartController is a breeze to use thanks to its intuitive interface.

SmartController Features

  • Raised profile on Standby button for easy identification in the dark
  • Keylock security
  • Up to eight user definable data pages
  • Rechargeable via SeaTalk network
  • Add additional base stations for extended range
  • A crisp, high contrast 64 x 127 dot matrix display
  • Backlit display and keypad
  • Add handsets for additional users and customize for each user
  • Signal strength indicator
  • Single, dual or four line data displays
  • Graphical CDI (Course Deviation Indicator) display

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