Bring it all together with a pool table

A pool table is an excellent addition to your home, and it offers fun for all ages. You can entertain guests or have a family night together playing pool. A pool table can add a fresh piece to your home, especially if you go for a funkier design. Given this is a significant item, how do you make room for it?


Try using a large area, whether it means creating a room solely for the pool table, or add billiards to the living room. You can add seating around the perimeter of a small room, and position the pool table in the centre. You can always invest in a smaller-than-standard pool table if need be.


For many, it can be exciting to hear the clack of pool balls together. Pool tables are a great addition to a basement, garage, games room, loft, family room and even the man-cave. Planning for a pool table is about more than just picking out your favourite Barracuda or Peradon pool cue and the colour of the felt. Dimensions are the critical factor here, and you need to think about how much space you will need.


What is your plan?

What is the vision for the room? Are you just going basic with some seating and a pool table? Do you want to add a gaming table and bar? Once you know exactly what you want to include within the room, think about what type of theme and look you are wanting.

Bring it all together with a pool table

Sizing it up

When it comes to a games room, you need to ensure that you have enough physical space for your billiards table and some room for seating around for those who want to watch. The game of pool does require enough room behind the player to get into a good position. A crowded and cluttered space won’t help the game.


Have the right lighting

So, you have the right design and the perfect set-up but have you ensured that everyone can see correctly? You want to make sure you have the right lighting fixture positioned above the pool table, billiards lights or multiple globes work well. You can speak to billiards professionals about the right fixture length for the size of your pool table.


Ask a gaming room professional about what will work best for your room and your needs when picking out your table. If you are lucky enough to have a big room for the pool table, create different spaces throughout so you can streamline the entertainment. People can enjoy drinks around the bar, play some board games or have some conversations in the living room all while others are playing pool in another area. Open space allows the guests to move around easily and not feel as cramped.


Choose wisely when you are deciding what pool table to purchase and how you are going to position it within the room. Pinterest has some good ideas that can help you if you’re stuck and need some inspiration on how to set-up your room with a pool table.

Get the kids involved and even create a special area for them to play their video games or read books while the adults are playing pool, this allows the children to be supervised and kept safe, while the parents can challenge each other with a game of pool.