Perks Of Having Brompton Bikes

The Brompton bikes are superb for their build quality, folding design, and dimensions. The Brompton bikes are compact when folded, yet they offer all of the features you would find on regular-sized bikes. Brompton bikes are also extremely heavy, despite the smaller 16-inch wheels and compact folding dimensions.

he Bromptons also have great ride quality for their size at 16 wheels, though they certainly do not ride like full-sized bikes. The folding mechanism, the Bromptons longevity, the foldable frame, and the great ride quality all add up to a very unique experience; they are also the smallest folding bikes on the market. Because Bromptons are already folded this compact, they do not need to employ ultra-short chainstays, which most fold bikes unfortunately do. Because the Brompton bikes are collapsible, you can carry them onto a train at rush hour, or stash them under a desk at work.

Used by commuters all over, Brompton bikes Sydney are great for commuters mostly because they fold up nicely and are compact, but also for riding. This makes the bikes ideal for the commuter that has little space to store, or has trips to take on both ends of the train commute. With the Brompton, you can go from home to the transit station, fold up your Brompton bike, and take it on the bus or the train.

If you need to ride somewhere that does not allow bikes, you can just fold your Brompton, tuck it in your purse, and take it along. It is also ideal if you have to take the bike to work and keep it. You will have one bike to get anywhere, but you can fold it up fast, bring it with you on public transportation, or transport it if necessary. You no longer need to worry about the bike getting stolen, as it can stay with you

If you get the optional EZ Wheels, the folding Brompton bike even rolls around when it is folded, so you will not need to carry it. Folding dimensions are slightly larger than smaller-wheeled bikes like the Brompton Brompton M6L, and this is one of the heavier folding bikes on the market, but it is a good value for money option. This Btwin is one of the best folding bikes on the market, particularly if you are on a budget for cycling and it is not going to stretch into a Brompton M6L or a Tern Verge X11.

The larger wheel size means that obviously, it does not collapse down to as tiny as the 16in-wheeled ones, but if you want a bike that rides like a full-sized road bike, takes up very little room, and is happy to quickly pack down to stash in the bus, or a flat, or even in your house, it is the best bike to fold. The collapsible Brompton is about as large as a medium-sized suitcase, meaning that compared with most other foldable bikes, such as the Birdy, it is smaller. The primary advantage to having the Brompton Folding Bike over the hybrid bikes is that it folds.

brompton bikeBuying a Brompton folding bike might be confusing considering that there are several options available for customizing it according to your cycling needs. Buying a Brompton folding bike rather than taking a bus or train will come down to how much distance you have to cover. Unlike an ordinary, non-folding bicycle, the Brompton Folding Bicycle is completely customizable, tailoring it to your height, as well as to your riding style. The brilliant fold-up design makes a Brompton bike well worth the price tag for many riders.

For many riders, a tiny fold by itself makes Brompton bikes worth the cost. For instance, the Brompton is small enough that it can fit in bus and train compartments of public transportation, as well as the boot of taxis and Ubers. If you commute for a long time every day, to work or somewhere else, being able to fold the bike may not be such a big issue. Even if you do have room to spare, being able to stash your folding bike away in the closet below your stairs, where it does not have to deal with whatever Mother Nature can throw at it, out in the open, night after night, would mean less maintenance even than a regular bike.

When folded, you can stash the bike in the cupboard, underneath your desk, or on the bed. You can even just fold the back wheel underneath the frame, and your bike stays upright.

Folding and unfolding a Brompton is done by folding up the non-drive side pedals, pulling in the seat post back, unlocking the rear wheel, wiggling it back to the top tube, and then removing the bars and front wheel and swinging it to the center of the Brompton. Folding and unfolding Brompton is done in far less time than might seem (granted, folding Bromptons may seem like a daunting piece of a jigsaw puzzle). After those few rapid steps, the Brompton is folded up in a tidy package, which you can either carry on your grips or roll around while holding onto the handlebars. With a rack, you can drag your Brompton bike behind you as if it were a grocery cart when folded, and stuff groceries in a bag attached to the head tube by a cargo rack.


The Bromptons rear suspension unit does a decent job taking the edge off, while wider tires (at least road-bike-standard) keep the handling as fluid and predictable as possible. The Brompton rides slightly differently from an actual bicycle, mostly due to its smaller wheels. The Brompton bike’s advantage to the commuter is a rubbery section of the rear end that is braced to the frame by the bike, which soaks up the worst of bumps and slashes, allowing a relatively uneventful ride.