In today’s generation, people are getting health conscious at an increasing rate, and this gives rise to competition in the gym market.

A new emerging gym without campaigning ideas will face a tough time against the competition, so here are some creative and useful marketing ideas for new gyms.

Hire competent trainers

If you want your new gym to work efficiently, you will need to hire trainers who will give customers the attention they require. 

Proving a satisfactory customer service is the golden rule for increasing memberships in a gym. A competent trainer will make hard exercises enjoyable by encouraging customers and teaching them the correct technique to avoid injury. If the trainers are not customer-oriented, then the new members will leave the gym, and your business will go down.

Referring-a-Friend system

This system can help increase the membership of a new gym once people have started coming to your gym and are happy with the facilities.

Allow the members to help the gym by letting them know that, if they someone to join the gym, they’ll receive free membership for one month.

By offering them free 1-month membership, you’ll make their effort worth something, and they’ll happily do this.

One way to help people ease into this conversation is by offering merchandise with your gym logo printed on it. This could be gym appropriate clothing, water bottles, or anything else that would remind one of fitness.

Have a flexible opening time

woman athelete woking outKeeping your gym open at reasonable hours is crucial; otherwise, people will probably not make it there. Your gym should be available early in the morning, in the evening and after work hours.

Try to keep your open hours at such time that it falls under people schedule quickly.

Free Gym Memberships 

Providing discounted deals to your members is not suitable for the gym. These discounted deals are good at bringing in a lot of people, but they are horrible in retaining people. 

Discounted deals are not sufficient for gyms in the long run. Your main goal is to attract those people who are interested in getting their body in shape rather than attracting people who are interested in cheap deals. 

The best way is that you give people a free pass for a week so that they can try your gym and if they like it they’ll be ready to pay the full price of membership.

Provide new Classes

If you are a new gym, try to offer new and unique fitness classes like yoga, hot pilates, hot yoga, cardio classes, Zumba classes and many more. 

This keeps your members interested and motivated to stay in your gym and pay monthly subscriptions. Varieties of activities will attract all sorts of health-conscious people. 

To make your gym ready for these classes plan a schedule with some music in it and advertise these by giving out flyers and your gym will be all set.


There are various ways in which you could campaign for your new gym. Choose some of the ideas we’ve given you or choose to follow a completely different plan of your own. 

Make sure that you check the pros and cons of these campaigns on your business to ensure you understand which have the most powerful impact on your business.