Popular Venues For Sports Events

Organising a sports event comes with a lot of hard work but the most important thing to get right is the venue. The venue has the same importance as the budget and the event date. You need to ensure that the venue not only meets the needs of the event that is happening but you need to ensure the dates you need are free. 

The sports event needs to have available dates for when you need the facility and you need to be sure that the facility can allow for the number of people with their playing and seating areas. This can be fairly easy for events that happen on a regular basis, such as the Melbourne Cup. However, it may be more difficult for one-off events.

Ensure when you are looking at the facility you ensure it has the support functions you need such as medical, seating area, ticketing, and ensure that you see what the extra cost as the most time the venue rental is a stand-alone price.  Air conditioning, field stripping and lighting will add additional charges that won’t be covered by the overall rental price.

A few popular sporting venues that hold sports events well are the following:

Yankee Stadium

This one is the third most expensive venue that was built costing $1.5 billion coming in just after the Metlife Stadium located in New Jersey and the Wembley stadium found in London. It is home to the famous American team but is also a legion for the outspoken, vociferous fans who not only cheer on the players but the mere streaker who makes it out on the field. Apart from regularly hosting numerous stadium events, the venue hosted the World Series-clinching game where the Yanks won against the Phillies in the first season of being opened. 

The MCG 

This is the biggest cricket venue and the biggest stadium in Australia. It is the oldest and greatest by far. The venue was built in the year 1853 and September 30, 1854, was when the first game of cricket was played. We saw an audience of 130,000 people that were crammed into the venue. The safety regulations later saw a change with capacity being restricted to 100,000 people.

Marvel Stadium

This venue is located in Melbourne. A multi-purpose stadium that has the capacity of an audience of around 53,000 people. The Marvel Stadium is known for being a regular host for AFL and BBL. Equipped with a retractable roof, the stadium has hosted some of the biggest international events such as the Soccer World Cup Qualifiers and UFC193. The stadium also rents out conference venues for businesses in Melbourne regularly.

Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre

Looking at a multi-purpose venue that opened in 2017. It has two indoor venues that are connected between a plaza. Supporting many different sports and has function rooms and administrative facilities. The venue allows for mixed sports that are designed to accommodate sports like indoor soccer, netball and basketball but it can also host sporting events, trade shows and exhibitions.

Whether they are new and modern or old these few venues for sporting events worked well for various purposes and still remain as popular today.

In the second part of this article, we will talk about the multi-functional event venue that is favoured by many; hotels.

 Racing Tracks and Arenas

Racing tracks are usually the only venue for racing events such as horse racing and greyhound racing. This is because they are purpose-built with specific fixtures and maintenance for the sport. However, racing tracks also make a good venue for other events. With their notoriety for being high-class, high-fashion venues, other sporting events can take on a more classy appearance just by being held at racing tracks and arenas.

Read below to discover why hotels are good venues for sports-related events:

The primary purpose of any sports event is having players and the attending audience live the satisfaction of a good game. Parallel to this purpose, however, is the financial benefit that comes with the game for both the players and the host. These two functions of a sports event underscore the fact that a good sports venue is crucial in order to achieve the satisfaction of the players and the audience. The benefits that the host will get depends majorly on player and audience satisfaction. 

Although hotels are usually associated with travel destinations at the area it is located in, rather than sports, some hotels are already known for being a host to local sports events. Holding sports events in a hotel can serve to achieve the purpose of giving players and audience a memorable experience while the hosting hotel gets the financial advantage and fame. The question of why hotels are good venues for sport-related events is better answered by focusing on the benefits that players and audience enjoy at the hotel venue. Here are the top four reasons why the hotel is a good venue for sports-related events.

  1. Professional Event Organization

Hotels are a common target for many events including business and managerial meetings. This qualifies them as excellent event organizers from hands-on experiences. Holding a sports event in a hotel saves the players and their management the trouble of spending time and material resources on an organization. They can, instead, enjoy a fully organized event with great interior design by paying the agreed amount. And even if they spend more money than they would if they planned the event themselves, they have saved on time and energy which allows them to focus on the game.

  1. The One-stop-shop Experience

If a sports event is held in a venue that offers just the space for a game, both players and the audience have to leave the site in search of the other services. These include a place to have meals as well as accommodation. In a certain sense, this implies a double venue search. The hotel venue for a sports event allows all those taking part to have their food and accommodation needs to be taken care of without needing to leave the game location.

  1. You are Already Set for an After-game Relaxation and Festivity

The end of a sports game necessarily comes with great excitement, especially for the winning side. As most hotels are usually well designed by good interior stylists, hotels usually give off an atmosphere for celebration. The hotel is an excellent venue for the after-game. You can pre-order a party or request one once the game is over. This does not only apply to the players. The audience can also take advantage of the hotel facility to celebrate after the game.

  1. You Have an Exclusive Event

By its exclusive nature, the hotel venue is suitable especially for indoor sports or other games that do not require large spaces such as swimming, table tennis, and badminton. Even if a hotel has the space for outdoor games such as basketball, football, and rugby, space would only allow for a smaller audience. This would be a good opportunity for sports groups seeking for a specific game experience rather than the grandness of a big audience.

Parting Note

If you are looking for a sports experience that is exclusive and offers you all the services related to the game, the hotel venue is an excellent choice.