The Best Sneakers for The Court

It’s time to make a resounding statement on the court with your new basketball shoes. You need shoes that not only look good but are built for performance and comfort. Before you go ahead and make any decisions on the best shoes first understand how you play and what style suits you. Are you a long-range shooter? Do you play with aggression and power? Do you hang back and try to transition from there? Being under or over equipped with your shoes can stop you from playing at your best. Sometimes certain brands design player specific shoes, so make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming sneaker releases to see which best represents your game.

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Basketball shoes are often put into different categories upper, mid-sole and out-sole. Each different section has the different qualities that affect both performance and durability, so it is important to identify the features that fit to your playing style and to follow social media to see any sneaker news on adaptions to already existing styles.

The upper

First of all, you need to decide whether you are going to have high, mid or low height in the shoe. Each different size will appeal to the style of the player.


High tops have wraps that go around your ankle to offer more stability and support. When you have this extra comfort, you will have extra weight to consider. These shoes often suit well with aggressive and larger players like the forwards and the centers who need the extra support.


This type is built for the speed. These work well for those racing up and down the courts. There is, however, no ankle support with these.

The mid-soles

A mid-sole is the place where the cushioning is found. This section is very important for the shoe’s performance, mid-soles are made from foam, polyurethane and ethylene-vinyl. The foam are lighter options whereas the polyurethane mid-soles are durable but dense. Exclusive cushioning technology can be found within the mid-sole often in the forefoot and heel. This give extra support for pressure points and stress often seen during basketball games.

The out-sole

The outer sole is basically where the rubber greets the road. Out-soles are often made from rubbers. When it comes to deciding on a basketball shoe the ones that are flat and wide will give you maximum balancing. For outer soles with patterns these will help with securing your feet on the court.

To stand out from the rest you need to bring your personality into the shoe by choosing the profile that you like. There is color, bright and appealing shoes that can help you to stand out on the courts which can aid in giving you better confidence when shooting hoops. Top players have signature models where you can show your appreciation of those players by wearing their models. Try and find a pair that is unique and different to every other player. Check online and consider a pair from a different country that might have something more unique than what your local area has. Not only does your basketball shoes help you to stand out but also effect how good you play. If you have the right shoes that you like, then it will boost your confidence and your game-play.