How to Design a Custom Basketball Jersey

Basketball jerseys play a significant role in creating morale and team spirit and gives you a professional appearance. 

Many sports teams design mediocre uniforms that athletes just take for granted and don’t realise the impact that comes with just wearing a simple outfit. 

So, as a designer, how can you design sports clothing that motivates players into wearing their uniforms with pride and prestige?

The Design

The first step in creating your custom basketball jersey is to decide what you want the uniform to look like. 

Social media is great for inspiration, especially when you look at what other sports teams or clothing brands are putting out.

Your design idea is the first step to putting your custom jersey design in the process. There are so many original designs to choose from, and when you are designing the jersey online, the process is easy. 

Many custom basketball jersey designing websites offer simple navigation bars under the design section so you can create cool designs with little experience. 

Alternatively, you can get into contact with a professional graphic designing team to create an expert design for your team.

Using a Logo

Logos are what fans remember you by.

If you have an existing logo, you can easily incorporate that into the uniform design through the integrated designer offered on specific custom basketball jersey sites. 

Your logo gives your uniform a custom brand and will end up being an essential part of your basketball jersey. 

If you don’t have a logo, get one created by a graphic designer. It’s recommended that you find a professional to do this as logo design is an art in and of itself.


man going for slam dunk

What are the primary colours that are going to be used? 

You want to have different colour combinations that go well together, avoid anything overpowering. 

If you are unsure, ask a team of graphic designers for assistance and give you some guidance on what colours would allow you to stand out and be original. 

Take note that most printers will use Pantone colours. Pantone is a universal code system for colours that the printer can recognise. This allows the colours to come out identical to whichever printer you are using. 

Your team name

Your team name can be abbreviations, a logo, or even your city. Ensure that you find a way to showcase your team name on your jersey.


If you have brand guidelines, then you will most likely have a main font to use. If you don’t, you can select one that will work best with your uniform. The most important things are to be specific about any outlines that you want or numbers and letters.


One important thing to keep in mind is choosing the appropriate material. For sportswear, it needs to be light and allow the athlete to move freely. 

The material should be breathable and soak in sweat rather than leaving it wet all over your skin. 

If you cannot get the design the way you want, then consider a professional graphic designer or clothing designer to assist in getting the design perfect.