What Is The Best Age To Get a Liposuction?

Liposuction  butt implants

When a patient is considering liposuction, the first thing they ask their doctor is “what is the age limit for this procedure”? There are some plastic surgeons that believe you should not have liposuction over the age of 50 (the same goes for butt implants in Australia). There are some doctors that will perform it on those over 50 (those doctors claim it’s not about the age but more so the condition of the skin and how much elasticity is still within the skin). Basically, after liposuction, it is important that the skin is being able to react to the new contours of the body, naturally. If you have poor skin quality, you won’t be able to have any retractions, instead, you’ll be left with many imperfections. 

Why liposuction
People tend to have liposuction because it is an efficient way of remodelling the body and removing unwanted fat (that are either influenced or left from weight loss). There are adipose deposits that cannot get removed via other methods. The areas that are biologically hard to reduce the size of – like the hips, thighs, stomach and buttocks – can easily be treated with liposuction.

Who is eligible?

There is no age limit for the said intervention. Although it seems that older skin does not have enough elasticity in order to allow for as good a result. It is important that all aspects need to be checked and verified by a medical professional before being advised of the procedure. Healthy people who don’t have any severe or chronic health concerns and don’t suffer weight fluctuations (that are larger than five kilograms each month) would usually be eligible for this procedure. 

Preparation for liposuction

Before liposuction, the person who wishes to undergo the operation will need to find out the details about the plan from the plastic surgeon taking on his or her case. You will be told about medication to stop using before the procedure like blood thinners. Birth control pills need to be stopped roughly a month before the intervention and it is advisable not to have the procedure to close to a woman’s menstrual cycle.

There are different treatments of liposuction such as water-assisted liposuction, namely, power-assisted liposuction, laser-assisted liposuction and tumescent – just to name a few. The technical principles are basically the same but there are a few treatments that allow for more fat to be suctioned during one session and a reduction in the procedure time.

During classic liposuction, no more than 3 or 4 litres of fat can be taken in one procedure. Other types can allow for up to 6 litres of fat to be taken without major complications or bleeding. Other differences include the recovery period and pain and discomfort that follows a surgery of that size.

As stated above, whether liposuction is right for you is not all about being at the right age. It is also about whether the skin is in the right condition.