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The Twelve Mile Lions Club will hold 3 races on July 4th.  Each race will consist of a maximum of 33 mowers racing  (60) laps around a quarter mile track covering a distance of 15 miles.  The following rules and specifications are to insure: that only SAFE lawn mowers are eligible to compete, that driver and spectator safety are assured, and that the races remain a fun event for all.  Two races will be for 4-cycle “Briggs” type powered lawn mowers.  The other race is open to 2 cycle “Modified” engine types.  All entries must comply with the following rules, and will need to pass inspection before qualification or racing.  Failure for mowers/drivers to comply with any of the rules listed below will be subject to re-inspection and/or disqualification from all race events.  By signing the entry form, all drivers agree to accept the results of the race per the scoring system.

1. Briggs Race Intent: Briggs style mowers must be factory appearing.    All engines must be 4 cycle and factory appearing.  Drive train alterations are allowed as long as factory appearance remains intact.  Mower frames may be reinforced but must utilize the original factory frame.  No go-cart (built from the ground up) appearing machines will be allowed to race in the Briggs class.  Basically, if it doesn’t “look” like a lawnmower it will not race in the Briggs race and we will determine that upon inspection.  The Lions Club reserves the rights to determine what factory appearing lawnmowers represent.

2. Super Stock Intent: Mowers in this class will also be 4 cycle but using Centrifugal clutches and torque converters, or not utilizing the entire factory frame, or not meeting Briggs class intent to look like a factory mower.  See rule #1.

3. Modified Race Intent: Modification or replacement of the original power train, including motor, transmission, clutch and frame is permissible.  All 2 cycle powered machines will be considered modified.   No factory built go-karts will be allowed.

4. All entries must have: a wheelbase from axle to axle not exceeding 48 inches, a maximum width of 36 inches at the widest point, and a minimum seat height of 14 inches from underside of seat to ground.  All mowers must have a working tether (kill) switch, mounted on the chassis of the mower, which must kill the engine if the driver is thrown from the machine. Mowers must also have a “dead man” throttle that will bring the mower engine to an idle should the driver be thrown off. The deck may be removed and blades must be removed.  A transponder bracket will be supplied and will be mounted securely above the front axle on each mower.  The driver is responsible for any damage to transponders during the race and to return it after the race.

5. All mowers must pass safety inspection before qualification or racing.  Qualified inspection personnel will verify each item on the safety checklist.  See Entry Safety Inspection Form 2010 for a safety inspection checklist.  No mower will attempt to qualify without passing safety inspection.  Number plates and transponder brackets will be the exception.

6. Each driver shall have an assigned number painted or taped in 8” high BLACK OR RED numbers on a WHITE square plate or board mounted to both the right and left sides of the mower.  The bottom of the number plates may be no less than 14” from the ground.

7. Driver and pit crew must be at least 12 years of age (proof of age may be required).  Each mower entry fee is 50.00, and includes 2 race T-shirts.  Entry fees must be paid prior to practice and qualification attempts and are non-refundable.  A mower may race in more than one class if it fits the qualifications for that class .   Drivers and pit crewmembers will also be required to pay the general admission fee at the park entrance on race day.

8. The pit crew is limited to two (2) people.  Crewmembers are required to stay on the outside of the pit area in the designated observation area while their driver is on the track.  Crewmembers are allowed to leave the observation area only when they are servicing their mower.  Crewmembers may also help their driver push a disabled mower from the track back to the pit area for servicing.

9. Drivers are required to wear a helmet (motorcycle type) while on the track.

10. There are no restrictions on the amount of fuel a mower may have in the tank at any given time.   All fuel is to be kept in an approved container at the pit stall and each team must have a fire extinguisher for the type of fuel they are using. Pit officials will check for compliance of this rule prior to the mandatory pre-race meeting held in the pit area.

11. All disabled mowers MUST be pushed back to their specific pit stall before the pit crew attempts any repairs.  If a mower should run out of gas during the race, the driver and/or pit crew must push the mower back to their pit stall before adding fuel.  Mowers may be pushed back to the pit area taking the shortest route possible, provided there is no interference with the race.  Violators will be assessed a penalty.

12. A 15 mile per hour speed limit will be enforced throughout the entire race.  Speeding penalties will be assessed via the black flag penalty.  If blacked flagged, the mower number will be posted on the Black Flag whiteboard and will remain there until you have exited the track and entered the black flag lane.  Mower will stop at the judge station for recording of the penalty stop, (the mower is to remain running), and then safely return to the track via the flagged path.

13. Each mower must make a minimum of three (3) pit stops over the course of the race.  Mowers will not be allowed to pit until the pace car has exited the track.  At each pit stop, the driver must kill the engine, dismount and stand beside the machine. Pit officials will log the stop and verify that pit stop rules are followed. Violations will void the pit stop and the mower will be required to repeat the stop.

14. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed on the track or in the pit area at any time during qualification day or race day.  Consumption of alcoholic beverages during these events by drivers or crewmembers will result in immediate disqualification.

15. No participants will be allowed the use of two-way radios during the race. Whiteboards or chalkboards will be allowed for communication with the driver.

16. Mowers are to be operated on the racetrack only.  Participants who drive mowers in other areas of the park may be disqualified.  Spectator safety is very important to us.

17. Penalties in the form of a “black flag” will be assessed for track violations: including but not limited to: exceeding the speed limit, reckless driving, passing during a yellow flag, blocking, and un-sportsman like conduct.  See rule 12 for Black Flag procedure.

18. A Maximum of three (3) black flag penalties are allowed per mower per race.  A fourth penalty will result in the mower being disqualified from the race and they may be asked to remove it from the track area.

19. A pre-race meeting will be held in the pit area prior to each race.  At this time all mowers should be at their designated pit stall as well as all mandatory safety equipment.  Driver and pit crew attendance is mandatory.

20. The first mower to complete sixty (60) laps under its own power will be declared the winner of the event.  After the checkered flag has been dropped for the winner, all other mowers will be directed off the track and will return to the pits for a post race inspection and transponder collection.

21. Each mower will have a transponder bracket holding a transponder. A credit card or drivers license will be required on race day when checking out a transponder.    A timing system will record the number of laps made by each mower.  The decisions of the lap judge official will be final pertaining to final standings.  These decisions will be based on:  lap records, penalty records, and pit records.

22. Abusive language by drivers or pit crew toward other drivers and pit crew or race officials will not be tolerated.  Offenders will be ejected from the park with no re-entry permitted.

23. Pole positions will be awarded to the fastest qualifier on qualification day.  The fastest qualifiers for each race who participate in the feature will receive $50.00.  See schedule for dates and times.

24.Prize monies will be distributed as follows by final standings for each race: Prize money checks will be mailed.