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To all past and future Twelve Mile Lawnmower racers: Thanks to all of you, last year was a great success and we continue to  make improvements to the Twelve Mile 500.  See rules  changes below.

1. All mowers must have a commercial style safety/tether switch, no homemade contraptions allowed.

2. The overall width limit increased from 36 to 38 inches.

3. Qualifications will be on Saturday morning instead of Sunday afternoon.  This will allow more flexibility for inspections and practice and it should be much cooler. We will practice and qualify again by class.  See the enclosed qualification day schedule and procedures.   You will receive a letter with qualification results and your position i.e. mower number for your race.  The mower numbers will still be assigned via the qualification results.

4.  The track has changed slightly.  We eliminated two trees that caused many of the accidents over the years.  This should help with congestion on the east side of the track.  We have also decided to utilize the lap counting system to enforce the speed limit.  We will be giving some cushion to the 15mph limit, but will enforce the penalty for mowers exceeding the speed limit by a predetermined mph.

5. Road construction will be in full force this year as Highway 16 is redone.  This may cause some detour issues for those coming from the east.  Watch our website for road updates.

Briggs and Super Stock split.  The Super stock will be for mowers with centrifugal clutch/torque converter drive or those not utilizing the entire original mower frame.  The Briggs class rules will remain the same and it must look like a lawnmower to race in this class. See rule #1 and #2.